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Our concept

AEVOR started making backpacks, bags, and accessories for you and your creative, dynamic lifestyle back in 2016. We believe in good ideas, use our passion to make them a reality, and inspire others to follow our example. Our products are for people who create their own path. Just like you. And just like us: Every AEVOR product is made using responsible manufacturing processes.

Our products

AEVOR enthusiasts know exactly what they want: bags flexible enough for their spontaneous lifestyle. Our goal is to give them products that can do just that. The AEVOR design team works day in day out to come up with solutions meeting all of your requirements: Because spontaneity, eclectic interests, and a modern style are all part of urban life.

Our philosophy

You’re ambitious and know yourself. We like that. We’re no different, and this is why the external materials we use to make our products have a recycled PET bottle content of 50%. We also get some great support from our partners at bluesign® system and the Fair Wear Foundation. They help us keep toxic substances out of our production processes and constantly improve working conditions across our company. More information on these important initiatives can be found at the website of our umbrella brand FOND OF.

Our range

Our customers have strong characters, just like our products. The world of AEVOR offers products perfectly adapted to your lifestyle. Visit our online shop or one of the retailers listed at our Store Finder to find products to keep you moving.