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AEVOR Daypack wins the German Design Award

Design is all about bringing together form and function in innovative new ways. With its V shape, option to expand from 18 liters to 28 liters and its unique metal hook fasteners, the AEVOR Daypack does this in spades. And we’re not the only ones who think this: the German Design Award jury does too. The AEVOR Daypack has been crowned the winner of the 2017 German Design Award in the “Lifestyle & Fashion” category.

The designer of the AEVOR Daypack

...is Paul Wenzel. The backpacks carried by bicycle couriers in New York, Berlin, London and other large cities served as his main inspiration when designing the AEVOR Daypack. Paul says, “When it comes to the form of products expected to fulfill a certain function, there are always a variety of different options available.” This means that instead of coming straight off the rack, the Daypack’s fastening hooks were specially designed in a color that matches the style of the backpack. The Daypack’s V shape places the center of gravity higher on the body, so the Daypack not only looks great but offers more space at the top too.