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To find the right model for you, it is worth taking a closer look at your everyday life - where do you go most often by bike and what needs to fit in the backpack?

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Whether on the bike or as a daily accessory, with the handy Musette you can easily carry your most important essentials.


Are you looking for a shoulder bag that won't slip while cycling? Discover the new Sacoche Bag by AEVOR now!


Ready to explore the city? Whether on your bike or on your back, with the cool and handy Barbag you'll find a compact companion that keeps your stuff right where you need it.

Find your feature

As you can see, we at AEVOR have developed a variety of smart solutions for the different demands that life places on you and you on backpacks. You wear glasses and have to switch between sunglasses and prescription glasses? No problem, thanks to our glasses compartment with zip access you always have one on your nose and the other always at hand. Cycling makes you thirsty? Conveniently, you can easily grab your water bottle from the side mesh pocket without having to dismount. You do not always have a rain cape in your luggage? That might be a bummer for you, but not for your stuff: all our backpacks are water-repellent. So after a big shower you only have to blow dry your hair and clothes, not your books and papers.

Durable, not dull

At AEVOR we are constantly working hard to ensure that our products are high quality, durable and responsibly produced. All fabrics are made from 50 - 100% recycled PET bottles. This conserves natural resources. Because, of course, in addition to design and functionality, sustainability is very important to us. We also work to improve the working conditions of all those who are part of the global AEVOR team, step by step. That's why we are a member of the Fair Wear Foundation. All products are vegan, no components of animal origin are used in the entire manufacturing process. That's good for animals, people, our planet. And looks good too.