Service & Contact

interface_essentials/search/dark copy 6 Who can I contact if I have questions about the products?

We are delighted that you are interested in our products and will be happy to answer your questions. Let us know your request using our contact form .

interface_essentials/search/dark copy 6 How long do I have to return my backpack?

Have you changed your mind? That happens! So that you don't have to make a hasty decision, you have 30 days to exchange your new item. Please note: Returns are only possible with proof of purchase. This also applies if the item is a gift. Further details on returns can be found in the returns portal and our terms and conditions.

interface_essentials/search/dark copy 6 Are there any discount codes?

Of course. We love discounts, competitions and other great promotions. You want to be informed about what we have in store for you? Then sign up for our newsletter and receive news about aevor! We are also active on social media, on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. There are also discount offers and codes here from time to time. Take a look!


interface_essentials/search/dark copy 6 How quickly will I receive my order?

Your new item should reach you within five working days. If you are waiting longer than five working days for your item, you can send an email to info@aevor.com to check the status of your parcel. Sometimes parcels get stuck at customs or the address cannot be found. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


interface_essentials/search/dark copy 6 Are returns free of charge?

No, from 01.10.2023 we have decided to charge a flat rate for returns. We want to take a further step towards responsible consumption. Returns have a negative impact on the CO2 balance and therefore also on the world in which you live. Under "How can I avoid returns", we give you tips on how you can shop responsibly online.

interface_essentials/search/dark copy 6 How do I send back my return?

You can use our returns portal for returns from Germany and Austria. After specifying which items you want to return, we will create a QR code for your return shipping label from DHL. The QR code will also be sent to your email address. You can use it to go to a parcel drop-off point or your parcel carrier, show the QR code and the label will be printed for you.

interface_essentials/search/dark copy 6 How will I be informed that you have received the return?

As soon as we receive your returned goods from Germany or Austria in our warehouse, we will issue a credit note and reduce it by the flat rate for the return shipment of 3.90 €. Once this process has been completed in the accounting department, you will receive an email from us.

interface_essentials/search/dark copy 6 What do I do if I have received a damaged or incorrect item?

We are sorry about that! In this case, please contact our Customer Happiness team to start the complaint process. We will get back to you as soon as possible and help you to resolve everything to your complete satisfaction.

interface_essentials/search/dark copy 6 How is the refund made?

Upon receipt of your return, the amount will be refunded to you using the same payment method you used to pay for the order. Accordingly, the refund for returns from Germany or Austria will be reduced by the flat-rate return costs of 3.90 €. Returns from other countries must be sent back at your own expense. Please note that a direct exchange is unfortunately not possible.

interface_essentials/search/dark copy 6 When does the returns fee apply?

The returns fee applies to orders from Germany and Austria (from 1.10.2023) if you return all or part of your order to us.

Orders from all other countries will be returned at your own expense.

interface_essentials/search/dark copy 6 Why do you charge a flat rate for returns?

Responsibility towards our environment is a central part of AEVOR's brand identity. That is why we have decided to introduce a flat-rate returns fee. We want to promote conscious consumption and ensure that only items that are actually unwanted or defective are returned. Together with you, we are taking responsibility for a more sustainable future.

Another central component of our identity as a company is transparency and, of course, we also hope that the introduction of the flat rate will have a positive economic effect, which we can invest in meaningful and sustainable products. You can find out how we do this here.

The flat rate for returns for orders from Germany and Austria (from 1.10.2023) is 3.90 euros. This is only part of the costs actually incurred for a return (shipping, packaging, handling, cleaning, etc.). We will cover the majority of the costs so that you do not have to bear them alone. We also hope that this will raise awareness of the impact that returns have on our environment.

Returns from all other countries not mentioned are at your own expense.

interface_essentials/search/dark copy 6 How will I be charged the returns fee?

The flat rate for returns will be charged when you receive your refund. Here is an example: You return all items of an order with an invoice amount of 79.90€. In this case, we will refund you 76.00€ (79.90€ minus 3.90€).

interface_essentials/search/dark copy 6 How can I avoid returns?

We are aware that returns cannot always be avoided. Perhaps the following tips will help you to at least reduce them, which not only saves time and frustration, but can also reduce the ecological footprint by saving on transportation routes and packaging material.

  • Avoid ordering lots of different styles and sizes of one item. Instead, look for stores near you where you can try on our styles and find your perfect size.
  • If you are unsure about your size, take a look at the model's height and the customer reviews for the item in our store.
  • Use our size charts to find your recommended size and measure your body measurements precisely.
  • Read the product descriptions carefully and look at the photos and videos.
  • Only order a product if you really need it. It can help to think about how you would style it beforehand, does it go with existing items of clothing, can it be combined to be worn across seasons, for example? Do you already own a similar item?
  • Take your time: It's best to wait when you discover new favorite styles with us and rather make a larger collective order, e.g. with friends

If you have any questions, please get in touch with our lovely Customer Happiness Team.

Functions & use

interface_essentials/search/dark copy 6 How can I clean my backpack?

You've been racing through the city again and your AEVOR backpack shows it! We'll tell you how to get it clean again: Take a cloth or a sponge (please use the soft side), dip it in lukewarm water and rub it carefully over the dirty areas. Important: Please do not use soap! Depending on the model, the outer material of your AEVOR is sensitive to soap, which can cause the upper layers of fabric to come loose.

interface_essentials/search/dark copy 6 How does my laptop fit into the backpacks?

All our backpacks have a laptop compartment. Depending on the backpack model, different laptop sizes fit in the respective compartment. With the exception of the daypack, all our AEVOR backpacks fit a 15-inch laptop.

interface_essentials/search/dark copy 6 What features do the AEVOR backpacks have?

Our backpacks have many practical features. The Travel Pack has an extra compartment for shoes and can be used as hand luggage. You can store your bike helmet in the Roll Pack . Most of our backpacks have padded carrying straps and are therefore very comfortable even when worn for long periods. Additional compartments for pens, a tablet or even a water bottle on the outside make your Aevor a real everyday companion.

interface_essentials/search/dark copy 6 Are the backpacks waterproof?

Our products are highly water-repellent. The fabrics are extensively impregnated during the manufacturing process. On the outside, they are treated with a water-based PFC-free impregnation that repels water. On the reverse side, our tried-and-tested PU coating, also water-based, ensures that the material remains waterproof up to a water column of 13,000 mm. However, moisture can penetrate the seams and zippers in the event of heavy water flow, as there is a natural opening there.

interface_essentials/search/dark copy 6 What material are the backpacks made of?

You can take a closer look at the material variants in the close-ups on the product detail pages. You can also find useful information about the materials in the product description. Our backpacks are all made from sustainably woven fabrics that differ in their composition, texture, appearance and water resistance.

interface_essentials/search/dark copy 6 Which products are suitable as hand luggage?

All our backpacks are the size of hand luggage. The perfect travel backpack for hand luggage is the Travel Pack. Not only does it offer plenty of space, it also has practical storage compartments. Of course, you can also travel with any of our smaller backpacks.

interface_essentials/search/dark copy 6 Which backpacks are suitable for women and which for men?

All our backpacks are unisex models. They can be worn equally by all genders. Thanks to various adjustment options, the backpacks can be adapted to any body type. Not sure which aevor is right for you? Take another look at the product pages of our models or the backpack comparison.

The Aevor brand

interface_essentials/search/dark copy 6 Why a backpack from AEVOR?

AEVOR makes backpacks, bags and accessories for you and your creative, dynamic lifestyle. Our products are for people who go their own way. Just like you.

interface_essentials/search/dark copy 6 Where are the backpacks made?

Our most important sewing factories are located in Vietnam. However, the supply chains for textiles are very complex and multi-layered. We want to answer your questions as best we can. Find out more about our production and supply chains on Eco & Social.

interface_essentials/search/dark copy 6 Are the backpacks produced fairly and sustainably?

Our products are made from sustainable materials and are produced fairly. We focus on PET recycling, as little production waste as possible and absolute transparency from the beginning to the end of the product cycle. Our water-repellent materials contain no PFCs. Instead, we use Neoseed, an environmentally friendly alternative. Our "Slow Fashion" seal GOTS confirms that we and our products meet the highest ecological and social requirements Read more about Eco & Social here!